Professional Services

Professional Services Division

The Professional Services Division specializes in providing Enterprise Information Technology Services, Project/Program Management, and Scientific and Research Support for customers at locations across the US as well as abroad.

MNBE has three areas of Professional Services advanced practices. These are:

Enterprise Information Technology for Institutions

Within this practice MNBE focuses on our institutional customers. These customers have enterprise-wide missions supporting multiple facilities across the nation/world. Support for these customers include the ability to work with a variety of environments and international operating guidelines and standards such as HIPPA, DoD 5000, ISO 9000 as well as more specific institutional and research directives.

Project/Program Management for Enterprises

This practice allows MNBE to provide services required by our customers to manage Enterprise-wide technology programs and projects ranging in scope from less than $100k single-agency to multi-agency programs overseeing many millions of dollars. Several personnel in this group hold Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification while many others are in-progress towards certification.

Scientific and Research Support

This area includes Research Assistants, Statisticians, Senior Technical Writers, Analysts, Information Technology Professionals, and, Medical Technology Trainers. The focus of this practice is to provide our customers with personnel who are adept in working in facilities conducting the highest levels of medical and scientific research. Our award-winning personnel excel at providing support services at research and medical facilities that are on the cutting edge of research as well as world-class patient care.

MNBE Risk & Security Management Services

A full service global provider of Risk Management Services solutions to National Governments and Commercial Organizations.

Some of the positions staffed by MNBE Professional Services are listed below:

  • Computer Technicians
  • Website Integrators
  • Medical Technology Trainers
  • Graphic Artists
  • MEDBASE Specialists
  • Clinical Systems Specialists
  • Website Administrators
  • LAN Administrators
  • Network Engineers
  • Senior Engineers
  • Service Site Coordinators
  • Senior Software Systems Engineer
  • Budget Analysts
  • Senior Network Design Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Assistant Project Managers
  • LAN Specialists
  • Senior Technical Writers
  • Acquisitions Logistics Managers
  • Senior Systems Analysts
  • SMS Engineers
  • Information Engineers I, II, & III
  • Information Systems Support Specialists
  • IT Engineer/Analyst s
  • Senior Management Analysts
  • Information Systems Support Managers
  • SMS Administrators
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Data Technicians
  • Tier 1-3 Help Desk Specialists
  • Quality Management Specialist

To find out more about the Professional Services Division Contact:

Muscogee Nation Business Enterprise

Vivian McCutchen
918.752.3150 X 108
918.752.3154 Direct

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