Owner:  Muscogee (Creek) Nation Indian Tribe of Oklahoma

Board of Directors



John Freeman

Board Member


John Freeman is retired after 38 years of service in the Natural Gas industry. Mr. Freeman is a graduate from Marquette High School, attended Tulsa Junior College and served the United States Army, retiring his military career in 1958.

Mr. Freeman devotes his time to his church, tribe and community by serving on various Boards in different capacities. His nearly four decades of on the job experience have provided him with critical thinking, customer services, safety and emergency situational awareness, to be applied to add value to virtually any business setting. Mr. Freeman has held the following appointments and/or commissions to the following Boards, in addition to that of MNBE of the years.

Oklahoma Natural Gas, Employee’s Association, Served 2yrs as Chairman of the Board of Directors

Tulsa Indian Community Business Board Served 2 yrs.

Tulsa Indian Community, Board of Directors, Current Chairman of the Board

Euchee Mission Alumni Association, Board of Directors, Chairman 2010-Current

Owen Park Baptist Church, Tulsa, OK, Sunday School Director for the past 10 yrs

Muscogee International, LLC, Board of Directors




Ph.D., P.E., REM

Board Member

 Dr. Hughes is a civil engineering graduate with advanced degrees from Oklahoma State University and has over 35 years experience in facility management, project management, program management, and academic administration.  He has a broad level of experience in structural design of buildings, construction, environmental, and transportation systems that are applicable to commercial, industrial, government, and military settings.  He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas, as well as a Registered Environmental Manager.  He has served as a member of the Oklahoma Air Quality Council, an administrative rule-making body of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.  He has researched and published articles related to using waste materials in highways and the design of laterally loaded foundations.

His areas of expertise include designs for a wide variety of foundation systems for commercial, government, and industrial buildings, as well as electric transmission and distribution facilities.  He has led interdisciplinary teams in the planning, design, construction and maintenance of major building systems, electric generating facilities, state highways, county roads, municipal streets, bridges, parking facilities, earthen dams, dikes and levies, stormwater systems, and industrial waste systems.  He has experience in regulatory compliance reviews for life safety codes, building systems, environmental practices, rural transit operations, business administration practices’ forensic evaluations, and repair cost estimates.

Dr. Hughes is a master adult trainer with more than twenty years experience in technical, business management, and military subjects.  He has more than seven years experience in the development of administrative rules and training for Certified Pilot Escort Drivers, who escort oversized loads on state highways in Oklahoma.

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